by Codename: Rocky

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With a solid mix of ska, punk, reggae, hardcore, metal, funk and rock -
Codename: Rocky's 3rd Album "Reboot" is a 40 minute ride into the roots of ska-core. 14 High Energy, Tightly focused and engaging tracks guaranteed to keep the circle pits moving.


released July 13, 2016

codename: rocky
bill adams \\ trumpet
drew baker \\ drums
matt fitzgerald \\ bass
ivan ibarra \\ saxophone
rich iwason \\ trumpet
phil lara \\ trombone
daniel torres \\ vocals & guitars

produced, mixed and engineered by matt fitzgerald
mastered by paul miner at buzzbomb studios

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Codename: Rocky California

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Track Name: Mile Markers
wake me up I’m dreaming
i’ve been counting sheep whose lives survive on wasted time
sleeping at the wheel of the same highways
with little mine to pay
to how my eyes perceive it
only in the rear view can I make out landscape
vividly recalling textured grains of gone days

my mind is somewhere else you could say
I’d say my mind somewhere far away from where
I forget what made me feel this way

return, repeat
retrace all that lies beneath
remembering which stars your following
restart, release
retake your place in front seats
remind yourself

discern, delete
destroy all that might impede
deciphering which way you’re falling
deny, defeat
decided everything between
define yourself

missing routes more scenic
I’m repainting road with those lines of my own design
color in the wheels of the dual displays
revitalize the grey
leave it as I see
only to revisit paths of my past mistakes
it’s like sabotaging my own breaks
with grenades
Track Name: Ctrl Alt Del
static chose me is what you might say
when I'm vying with the reason
for deletion that you made.
mainframe makes minds.
maybe in time
I will understand
your database.

software’s not obsolete,
just errors in arrays.
we’re not hopelessly frozen.

I can see
your eyes
giving it up now,
giving it all away
and they say alright,
I quit. let’s start a new day.
your disguise:
putting it up now,
putting it all around you.
I’d be lying if I tried to tell you
It meant nothing to me.

static snowy as a winter a day
when you’re yielding to the freezing
know this season will one day fade.
have faith. hard drives
have to be wiped
every now and then.
don’t be afraid.

your program: self-defeat.
destroy the interface.
memory stripped clean.
you throw it all away.
don’t put yourself to sleep
just recode all the lines
find the world reopen
Track Name: Noisemaker
woke up with a feeling that life is oh so scripted
on the stage of life we are told to stay in line
in a blinded state of reason when in election season
ballots casted always toward the right
we should question quick answers, don’t take things for granted
we choose to be different from the mold
and as I stand here and say choose the other way
it’s time we try to even this score

you keep on talking and all I hear is noise
but I don’t really care
what you’re thinking
what you’re saying right now
you’re such a noisemaker
time to tune you right out.

regret is like a demon that keeps us from believing
that we deserve a better way state of life
if we try to make a difference we’re sure to meet resistance
but this fight will only strengthen our stride
we should question quick answers, don’t take things for granted
we choose to be different from the mold
and as we stand here and say choose the other way
it’s time we try to even this score
Track Name: Don't Call It a Comeback
Somewhere, somehow we find ourselves here again
Back in the ring fighting for the title win
Gloves on real tight
Don’t throw in the towel ‘cause it’s time to fight
We’re in the final round do you hear the ring
Of the bell that wakes the dream
The dream that’s still inside of me

Got the feeling (Whoa)
Like an underdog of this game
Should I give in (No)
Let our thoughts just live a day
Let’s just live a day

Backed up against the wall
Kill or be killed they say
Who would have thought we’d be here rocking the night away
Twelve long years have passed
Resurrection time is here at last
Something to recharge this tired scene
Chanting out the words
That keep living deep inside of me
Track Name: Crowd of One
I got a feeling and it’s overwhelming
Hate breeds from the powers of the state
Their lives cast shadows all around me
Waking up I refuse to live this way, this way

You should have noticed this by now
We will not stand for lies we found
We can’t seem to reach a common ground
Won’t be another slave to your crown

I got a spirit that is unrelenting
Tied up in chains for way too long
But now it’s time to voice the reason
React or freedoms all gone.
It’s gone away

This is the time to take a stand
Crowd of one
Track Name: Soul Escape
I feel your touch and it stays with me every night
Takes me to a place I know it will be my only vice
Got to stay close to me, figure out this game so we can create
Another night, feel it’s time to open up and let this soul escape

there is something in your voice, that’s moving me
to embrace this time to be

Wrapped in your eyes so much like a dream
take me away like the sun gets swallowed by the sea
you might be the one to set me free
so I stand next to you don’t know what to do, won’t you make my life complete

I don’t have any choice anyone can see
I was meant for you and you for me

Yeah, you’re the one that makes
me close my eyes and lay to rest the worries of the day

let’s keep things grooving move ahead side by side
put my heart through the shit and see if holds its shine
gotta take the time today to lose one’s self or so they say
lets catch a flight, lets drift away, lets get lost in our warm embrace

there is something in your voice, thats moving me
I was meant for you and you for me
Track Name: Uprising
Survivor’s open season
Calling out last rites
Thirst blood the reason
Why we let it drain alright
Flame we blaze with evil
Radiate a light
Blinding acts of anger
Fired up and feeling fine

There’s something inside
where violence, resides
gotta a hunger for brains
live bodies we crave
(rise from your grave)

we are the ones
The ones who walk the barren night
it feels like fun
we are the ones
the ones who live but dead inside
it feels like fun

something not quite human
stinking of decay
rising in the millions
no way to escape
empty thoughtless vessels
eyes of soulless rage
once a living creature
now killing without hast
Track Name: All the Angels Lost in the Ruins of Pompeii
I am standing on the edge of a mountain
fixing my gaze on a city bright with flames.
it smells of gasoline and dynamite,
a stale taste in my mouth that won’t burn away.
I light my cigarette as fire rises
with a smile so sublime.
I stopped believing that the matches were mine.
their ashes were already named.

Olympus was right
to punish our pride,
thinking we knew all the answers
when we should say
we don’t know the way
but our egos are like cancer.

I saw the embers from the top of a mountain
all ablaze, iridescent nights.
The stink of kerosene and turpentine
a bitter taste in my mouth i ignite.
I kill my cigarette as cinders fly by
with a smile so sublime.
I start believing the matches were mine.
ashes to ash, dust to decay
Track Name: Black Box
I saw the world come crashing down;
a haze of misdirection blanketing the ground.
how do we expect to land when we can’t even see our feet?
sacrificed perception, the fog is all we see.
praying to the blinking fasten seat belt lights.

hey! please put your seats in...
(hey! please put your seats in...)
Put your sets in the upright position.

we couldn't fly
until we soared each other's way.
then we collide
with barely opened eyes.
old failed flights
turbulent in their ways.
now engines ignite
illuminated skies.

and now i linger in the clouds.
cabin decompression unnerving and unwound.
wary of a touchdown with anything resembling
some sort of connection without any emergencies.
i’m saying to the blinking fasten seat belt lights

hey! i got my seat in...
(hey! i got my seat in...)
I’ve got my see in the upright position.

we couldn't fly
until we soared each other's way.
and then we collide
with barely opened eyes.
old failed flights
all turbulent in their ways.
now engines ignite
illuminated skies.
Track Name: The Brown Recluse Is the New Black Widow
i've been killing time
and time is killing me.
i've got the feeling it will strike
without warning
but there is no way that i can make
the clocks all stop running
and coming after me,
clawing after you.
got the feeling we'll find a right way.
should i give in and finally say
maybe i'm just boring?

i hear the phone. it's not ringing.
it's life dies out now

i sit at home
and forget about it
as seasons start to change.
sunlight now lies cold
and i'm dead without it.
tomorrow, i'll seize the day.

this song's about me.
this song's about you.
another one how you've left me lonely
when all along i have given the key away
to imprisoned mornings
in webs i've not seen,
webs i blamed on you.
in reality, those webs are not new yeah
I never knew they were in my way.
I was blind to them forming.
Track Name: The Lion and the Lamb
some people really got it made
and some were made to suffer
some people will stay in place
like a deer in headlights
some people are born as prey
and some are born as hunters
some people die where they lay
and be the one to apologize

we are the only ones who can decide
which side we fall on

will we fight or fly
And i say yeah
we’re two forces of nature at play

some people will just lie in wait
and some will wait for nothing
some people will be afraid
frozen and paralyzed
some people will remain unscathed
and some remains will smolder
some people will be unchained
with untamed and wild eyes

we are the only ones who can decide
which side we fall on
choose one between fight or flight
we are only thing that we create
innate, our fate

It hopeful shot down just some kind of
i say
we’re two forces of nature at play

can we change?
we pray
we’ll be forces of nature unnamed
Track Name: Extreme Close Up
another hard look in the mirror today
I find myself so mix up the way things are going down
the decision’s been made, an extreme close up on the path we take
can’t lose sight of what it means to be me

somehow, someway
we open the gate
to take us to the starting place

can you see it?
with the wool pulled over your eyes
we’re finally serving notice to you

gotta keep a positive mind
expose the truth that the lies disguise
and never let this world drag you down
you matter in the end you have to play the game to beat the game
so grab a bat and play this to win
Track Name: Kill the Dream
Never thought about common means of the day
So easy escape
With blinders off what I see rule the day
Greed filled death built charged machine
With every move plant the seed germinate
At media’s pace
But when I add it up look around

It’s breaking my heart and filling it with rage
Sell me the thrill of imaginary hate
Filling our veins with intent to kill the dream (dream)

Entertain me now violent stimuli
Enters the brain
Weapons pointed now one more click, all I need
Eyes now weary fading gray
I’m waiting to battle on power up
They say its game
But when I add it up look around

So lost in the game mindless escape
Come let it take me over
Wasting away the hours and days
Track Name: Buffalo at the Century Club
It’s time we turn it all around
Another story of how we are spiraling down
Where one can see what’s up and we can’t stop
Show me the way
And when I should have seen it I couldn’t feel it
the loneliness at play

I feel you might say never knowing is what drove you away
I’d fear if I stay
I’d near a decay ever growing and erasing the days
That we revere is what you made

I’ve been drinking about drowning in self-doubt
Why must I put my heart on display this way?
By the time I try to show you, you threw away my affection
and now I see
the moment slipped away

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